Unruly child shows off HTC One Plus on video… for 12 minutes

That's not going to do dad's career prospects much good

The HTC One Plus has leaked more times than we can count, but now it's reached iPhone-4-in-a-bar levels of exposure.

A 12 minute video by young YouTuber Roshan Jamkatel shows off a developer edition of the HTC One Plus, confirming most of the leaks we've had to date.

The longer, rounder body, larger screen, on-screen buttons, dual rear cameras, twin LED flash and a microSD slot are all present and accounted for. And sadly for Roshan, so was the IMEI number on the back.

HTC has tracked the device down and it looks like one of his parents (reportedly his father, an engineer) has now been fired. 

Even worse, HTC's  Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon has contacted Jamkatel on Twitter, letting him know he's going to be in for a rough week. Oh dear.

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Watch it while it's hot

While the video isn't hugely informative (it doesn't confirm exactly how the two rear cameras work for example), you do get to compare the old and new HTC One models, as well as take a look at the tweaked HTC Sense 6.0.

It's since been taken down from YouTube, but we managed to track a mirror down on Reddit. Watch it while you can.

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[Dailymotion via Reddit]

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