HTC reviews

HTC Shift

4 stars
Is the Shift a massive, Vista-friendly PDA or a tiny laptop with HSDPA connectivity? Actually, it’s both – and more…


4 stars
HTC’s mobile business giant has returned for round two – and this time it’s got a feature set to fire it straight to the top of the smartphone boardroom…

HTC Touch

4 stars
Following LG's iPhonie – aka the Prada – comes the Touch. But HTC’s reputation for innovation suggests this is more than just an Apple spoiler.

HTC S710

4 stars
The slender S710 is here to prove that QWERTY smartphones needn’t be house bricks. But how clever can such a compact handset be?


3 stars
HTC’s newest smartphone packs a 3G punch. Will the MTeoR dazzle like a shooting star or sink like a large stone?
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