HTC reviews

HTC Legend

5 stars
The aluminium Legend is the successor to HTC's Hero and runs the latest version of Android. But does it live up to its name?

HTC Touch HD2

5 stars
The HD2 gives Windows Mobile a serious lick of paint and a capacitive touch screen. Should the iPhone be worried?

HTC Snap

3 stars
The HTC Snap harbours an exclusive email inbox for special contacts. But will this affordable messenger be joining your clique?

HTC Hero

5 stars
The third Android phone debuts HTC’s ‘Sense’ UI and sports a 5MP camera. Does it have the power to topple the iPhone?

HTC Touch Pro2

5 stars
The HTC Touch Pro2 is a big mean Windows Mobile powered business phone. But can its CEO presence impress the bosses down at the executive club?

HTC Magic

5 stars
HTC’s second Google phone loses the QWERTY keyboard in favour of video recording and a slicker design. Does it have the iPhone’s number?

HTC S740

3 stars
HTC is back down to business with the WinMo powered S740. But will the suits dig its messaging powers?

HTC Touch HD

4 stars
With its king-size display, is the HTC Touch HD the biggest threat to iPhone dominance we’ve seen from Windows Mobile?

HTC Touch Pro

3 stars
HTC’s new latest smartphone is essentially the Touch Diamond with a QWERTY keyboard. But will it excite the city boys?
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