11 of the best, most beautiful HTC One apps

Make the sexiest Android phone more gorgeous still with these easy-on-the-eye apps

The HTC One is indisputably the best-looking Android phone around, and its glorious design deserves only the best-looking apps. As luck would have it, we’ve assembled ten of them here for you.

Timely (£Free)

Demonstrating that alarm clock apps don’t have to be deathly dull, Timely boasts several colour schemes or allows you to create your own. You set you alarm by dragging a bar, can snooze by turning your phone over and cloud support means alarms are automatically synced across all your devices.

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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (£3.25)

A critically acclaimed action adventure game that is as much about sound and visuals as reflexes, Superbrothers boasts a beautiful pixel art style that’ll keep you so captivated you’ll miss your bus stop.

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Feedly (£Free)

Not only is Feedly arguably the best RSS reader left after Google Reader’s untimely demise, it’s also the prettiest. Clean and simple and supporting images, it’s a stylish, simple way to keep up to date with all your favourite websites.

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Valet (£0.99)

Ever parked your car and – like Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott in the silver screen classic – then forgotten where you left it? Valet ensures that’ll never happen again, by saving its position on a map. It also features a built-in timer to help you avoid getting a ticket.

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Hue (£0.99)

With no shortage of decent free weather apps available, you might wonder why you should pay almost a pound for this one. Well, because it’s the most beautiful you can find on Android, that’s why. Clean, stylish and simple, Hue serves up hourly forecasts with aplomb. Also features a home screen widget.

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