How to make a short film: 11 pro tips for movie-making

The book: Into the Woods by John Yorke (£11)

Former Channel 4 head of drama and controller of BBC drama production Yorke sets out to analyse the patterns behind storytelling, explaining why the fundamentals of narrative have remained the same from Aristotle to Aaron Sorkin. A great starting point for anyone wanting to create a story.

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The website: Shooting People (£8/month)

A great resource for film-makers, Shooting People connects you with cast and crew, serves up monthly film competitions for members, and nets you discounts on entry fees to film festivals. It also features lots of resources for film-makers, including a comprehensive events calendar, blogs and Q&A section.

THE FILM: Side by Side (£15)

Keanu Reeves' absorbing documentary finds the actor canvassing some of Hollywood's top directors – including Martin Scorsese, David Fincher and Christopher Nolan – for their opinions on the shift from film to digital. Its account of how digital film-making has democratised the industry makes for inspirational viewing.

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