How to... become a coffee connoisseur

How to… brew up a perfect cup

The Blossom One coffee machine (price £TBC) might just be the perfect marriage of coffee and technology. Not only does it feature the most complete temperature control ever put in a brewing machine, it allows you to adjust every aspect of the coffee making process individually – and includes Wi-Fi and a QR code reader that enables you to store and share your favourite recipes in the cloud. It’s not bad looking either, and will come in a variety of materials (mahogany, walnut etc.) upon its launch in the spring.

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How to… drink coffee on the go

In a hurry? The Minibru mug (US$25) incorporates a French press, so you can brew and go. Just fill it to the lower line with ground coffee, then to the upper line with hot water, leave it a few minutes, push down the plunger to filter the grounds down to the bottom… and drink.

How to… find an independent coffee shop

If you’re a Londoner looking for something other than an expensive milkshake that sort of tastes like coffee, the London’s Best Coffee app for Android and iOS (both 69p) is a must. It maps the locations of over 150 of the capital’s best stalls and cafes, and even gives you the skinny on what type of equipment, beans and brewing methods they use. Also available for New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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