The 25 hottest gadgets of May 2014

ALYT: Siri for your smart home

This portal to the Internet of Things is a personal butler for the age of the smart home – it lets you control everything from security cameras to lightbulbs, and everything in between. Using voice recognition tech, you can command your house to do your bidding; it even understands conversational commands.

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Kairos: the mechanical smartwatch

Kairos appears to have squared the circle of how to get mechanical watch fans to buy a smartwatch – combine the two, with a traditional mechanical movement capped by a transparent OLED display. But is it the best of both worlds, or just too good to be true? We're hoping for the former… 

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Marbel: the lightest electric skateboard in the world

As thin as a conventional longboard, and weighing just 4.5kg, this board crams in a 2000W electric motor that'll take you to 20mph, with wireless control and regenerative braking.

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Barobot: a robot bartender with 1000 recipes

Move over, Tom Cruise – this robot is a mechanical master of mixology, with 1000 recipes at its command. It'll play nice with your smartphone too, so you can whip up a martini from the comfort of your couch.

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Mini Superleggera Vision: simply electrifying

This gorgeous-looking concept car blends traditional Italian styling from Touring Superleggera with a 21st-century electric drivetrain. Hurry up and make it for real, Mini.

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