Here’s the first episode of the new Kickstarter-funded Morph series

Assuming you grew up in the 70s and/or 80s, your favourite claymation pal is back!

Back in the days before Aardman Animations was stacking up Oscars faster than you can say, “More cheese, Gromit?”, the Bristol-based studio was best known for Morph, the little plasticine guy who lived on Tony Hart’s desk and got into all sorts of lighthearted scrapes. Well, it’s been a while – but Morph’s back.

You may recall we reported last year on Aardman’s Kickstarter campaign to make a new 12-episode run of Morph’s show. The campaign was a success and today the first episode has been posted to YouTube. You can watch it below.

Look out for more new instalments in the coming weeks, claymation fans.

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