Fully Charged: New GTA V screenshots, Cmdr Hadfield shares space sounds and Skoda builds the world’s most enormous pram

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Rockstar teases more GTA V screenshots

With Grand Theft Auto now mere weeks away from its 17 September release date, Rockstar Games is cranking up the excitement by drip-feeding us more screenshots. The developer just dropped 11 new images of characters, cars and carnage in a collection it calls “The Fast Life”. You can check them out here. [Source: Rockstar Games]

Astronaut Chris Hadfield takes to SoundCloud to share ambient space-noise

Chris Hadfield’s time aboard the International Space Station saw him use Twitter to communicate with Earth-dwellers more regularly than any astronaut before him (and before coming home, he even recorded a cover version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity), making him something of a social media hero. Despite no longer being in space, Hadfield’s at it again, this time taking to SoundCloud to share the ambient sounds of the ISS. Essential listening if you’ve ever wondered what living on an orbital platform might be like. [Source: Wired UK]

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Skoda builds a pram with a difference

Want your kid to ride a little bit higher than the average baby? Want to be able to effortlessly trundle through the worst terrain your local park can throw at you? You may be interested in Skoda’s vRS Mega-Man pram, a two-metre tall behemoth with 20in rims, wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension and headlamp. We’re sorry to say it won’t be on sale any time soon (or ever, to be honest) but if it were, Skoda reckons it’ll set you back US$13,000 (around £8,500). The manufacturer will, however, be giving the prototype away to a competition winner in the near future. [Source: Luxury Launches]

Watch this home-made fixed-gear road bike hit 100mph

A bit of British engineering to make you proud here. Bike builder Tom Donhou recently created a fixed-gear road bike capable of topping 100mph. He’s already hit 80mph while slipstreaming his modified Ford Zephyr on a Second World War airstrip, and reached 102mph while testing it on rollers in his workshop. A plan to replicate that on the road is in the works. Watch the bike being built and ridden in this Vimeo clip. [Source: Devour]