Fully Charged: Face recognition-fooling shirts, Samsung Galaxy J coming, and more GTA 5 myths busted

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The clever t-shirts that fox Facebook’s face recognition

The automatic facial recognition used by social networks like Facebook is undeniably creepy – especially because it’s implemented in order to serve advertisers first and users second. Thankfully there are ways to avoid its cold, calculating gaze (beyond the obvious-yet-drastic “wear a mask at all times” or “delete your Facebook profile”), such as Simone C. Niquille’s REALFACE Glamoflage t-shirts.

As part of her thesis, the graphic design graduate student created a series of shirts covered in distorted celebrity faces. While they’re not guaranteed to stop the wearer’s fizzog being spotted by facial recognition algorithms, the shirts have a good chance of confusing the systems. Niquille, who sells the shirts for around £40 apiece, says they work more effectively if they fit the wearer tightly.

[Source: Realface via Wired]

Samsung Galaxy J leaked

Samsung, it seems, is poised to launch yet another Galaxy device. According to photos obtained by blog RBMen, the Samsung Galaxy J will be launched soon on Japan’s NTT DoCoMo network. The J looks set to be a more powerful version of the Galaxy S4, equipped with 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 processor (just like you’d find in the larger Galaxy Note 3). There’s no indication, as yet, that the J will be launching outside of Japan, but we’ll keep an eye out for more info. [Source: RBMen via CNET]

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Third GTA 5 mythbusters video explores motorcycle helmets, jet engines and more

Grand Theft Auto 5 has some insane attention to detail, especially considering the size and scope of its game world, and we’ve seen few better demonstrations of that than DefendTheHouse’s mythbuster videos. The third one has just been posted, and among the questions it poses are, “Do motorbike helmets reduce damage?” and, “Can jet engines blow players back?” Watch it and find the answers.

Philips Fidelio M1BT headphones go wireless with Bluetooth 4.0

Philips has launched a wireless take on its Fidelio M1 headphones, the Fidelio M1BT. Out from today and priced at £250, the M1BT features Bluetooth 4.0 for taking streaming music and phone calls in cable-free fashion. The headphones themselves are made from a high-end combo of materials including leather and aluminium, so you know your money's going towards something that looks as sharp as it sounds.