Google and Lego’s free 3D online Lego builder is amazing

Our work for next week’s just gone straight out the window…

Just when you’ve got yourself organised and ready to plough through your to-do list, Google and Lego come along and ruin all your hours of structured productivity.

It’s all thanks to their new Build with Chrome experiment you see. Initially released down under last year to celebrate 50 years of Lego in Australia, it’s now opened up to the entire interwebs.

It’s a horrible, productivity-killing 3D online Lego builder, and it’ll provide you with hours of distracting fun before letting you share and explore creations on Google+.

Disgusting isn’t it? As if Minecraft wasn’t enough of a bane on productivity already. Humph.

Well, we suppose one little go won’t hurt….

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[Google via The Next Web]

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