Fully Charged: Arnie returns, Skyfall HQ gets Street View and Google Now is coming to Chrome

Start off Friday with a hearty helping of techy titbits

Google's helpful Now cards are making their way onto the Chrome browser and Chrome OS, according to CNET, which reports that Google is making steady progress with the transition.

Although still in its early stages, we're looking forward to taking advantage of its magical PA qualities on the big screen. [Source: CNET]

He told you he'd be back

Paramount is planning to release three new Terminator movies as part of a new trilogy, following reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will return as the Terminator in Terminator 5 which begins shooting in January next year. In Terminator: Salvation, Arnie's cameo appearance was realised by slapping a CGI rendering of Arnie's face taken from a cast used in the first Terminator movie onto the torso of bodybuilder Roland Kickinger. Presumably they'll use the same technique this time around, as Arnie's looking pretty leathery in the trailer for Escape Plan, released yesterday.

Also, that's three Terminator films packed into quite a short space of time before the rights revert back to James Cameron. Let's hope it's not a case of too much of a good thing... [via The Verge]

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Skyfall's abandoned Island hit Google Street View

Even Bond villains can't hide from Google these days. An abandoned island off the coast of Japan's Nagasaki Peninsula (which goes by the nickname 'Dead Island) has been mapped by a Google employee in a couple of hours.

The derelict buildings, overgrown weeds and general creepy emptiness was the inspiration for Javier Bardem's HQ in Skyfall – although it wasn't actually filmed there. Check it out here, and prepare to be spooked out. [via Engadget]

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