The 12 best Google Nexus 5 apps to download first

BBM (£free)

Yep, BBM has left the confines of BlackBerry and has landed on iOS and Android, taking both the App and Google Play stores by storm within hours of its launch. If you're an ex BlackBerry user with friends still in the BlackBerry camp then it's definitely worth checking out, especially as it's a very solid messenger service in its own right.

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BaconReader for Reddit (£free)

Indispensable for Reddit addicts, BaconReader's slick interface and controls offer a fluid, fast on-the-go Reddit experience which is infinitely better than viewing the site in a mobile browser. Say hi to the passionate Nexus 5 fans on r/Android for us, won't you?

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Spotify (£free)

If you're not forking out £10 a month for Google Play's music service then there's a good chance that tenner is going to Spotify instead. If it is then clearly you're going to want to access your meticulously crafted playlists while you're on the move, with offline listening available for those train-in-tunnel moments.

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MX Player (£free)

Our go-to Android video player, MX Player plays almost any file type you throw at it (plus most subtitle formats), offers hardware and software acceleration, and features a plethora of quick gesture controls. Ideal for showcasing the Nexus 5's big, crisp 5in display.

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Yahoo! Weather (£Free)

Yahoo! might be struggling to find its place in today's world, but its free weather app certainly deserves a spot on your new phone: it's elegant, uncomplicated and useful. Using your Nexus 5's location, it'll tell you the current weather conditions plus daily high and low temperatures, all backed up by a lovely picture drawn from (the Yahoo!-owned) Flickr's Creative Commons library. Oh, and you can manually add other locations, should you wish to keep tabs on the rain in Bahrain or the snow in Oslo.

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Pocket (£Free)

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket is an app that'll suit anyone who constantly comes across web articles they want to read – but only at inopportune moments. With Pocket, any article (or page, more accurately) can be saved to a cloud-synced list, then accessed on your various devices at any time. Great for catching up on your, ahem, favourite tech site's news and reviews pieces while you're on the train to work. Or the toilet, for that matter.

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