Google Glass gets barcode scanning powers

Cat food prices beamed straight into your eyeballs. What's not to like?

eBay has announced that its RedLaser barcode scanning app will be landing on Google Glass, empowering impulse shoppers with a dangerous new way to part with their money faster than ever.

The RedLaser app is already available on Android and iOS, and uses a camera to scan barcodes before showing a list of prices from different retailers, including, of course, eBay itself.

It can even serve up directions to nearby stores which sell the item you're after, which is a feature that'll match up with Google Glass' navigation features rather nicely.

Google Glass gets barcode scanning powers

If you do decide to purchase a product then you'll still have to whip out your smartphone to finalise and complete the transaction, but at least you can pretend you're a barcode scanning robot from the future, sent back in time gather real-time intelligence on the fluctuating price of Wagon Wheels - information which will ultimately lead to the rescue of the entire human race.

Don't ask.

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[via Engadget]

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