Apple take note: Developers can use the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner in apps, killing off passwords for good

Galaxy S5 owners' fingerprints could soon become the ultimate skeleton key

Samsung has unleashed its software development kit for its freshly unveiled Galaxy S5 flagship, and it allows developers to take full advantage of the S5's built-in fingerprint scanner

The iPhone 5s' fingerprint scanner is closed off to developers and only works with Apple's own apps, but Samsung's latest move means that your fingerprint could kill off entering your password for good. Assuming you've got a Galaxy S5 that is.

The Galaxy S5 already has PayPal fingerprint scanning security backed into it, and the prospect of protecting sensitive information and logging into apps and services without nothing but our fingertips sounds very appealing.

We're still not entirely sure exactly where fingerprint details will be stored. If they're uploaded online each time you scan in then that will pose a security risk in itself, but we expect to find out how Samsung will tackle such challenges in the near future.

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