10 of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 apps


Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Arrested Development. If those aren't enough to tempt you into dropping £6 a month Netflix then we don't know what is. The recently update app is smoother than ever and combined with the Note 3's lusciously large screen will, will be a godsend on boring commutes, especially if your contract takes advantage of its 4G smarts.

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Flip books have never stopped being cool. Trouble is, we no longer have any French textbooks left to scribble in. Enter FlipaClip, an app which lets you create accurate doodles with the Note 3's excellent stylus before animating and editing them at your leisure. Welcome to the 21st century.

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Hi agenius, thanks for your comment. Having reviewed the Note 3, I can confirm that SwiftKey worked absolutely fine. It was the first app that I installed and had no problems with it whatsoever.

I'm not saying that you didn't experience any problems with it I'm just saying that I had none. 

The handwriting recognition on the Note 3 is excellent and I found it quite fun responding to messages using it, but I still found SwiftKey to be faster myself. 

Just went through the trouble of resetting my password to provide a counterpoint to agenius comment.  I haven't used the Galaxy Note 3 just yet so I can't comment on the stylus interaction though I am very interested in the device, but I can confirm that Swiftkey is the most amazing predictive typing app that I have ever experienced and I would ALWAYS recommend it (and regularly do) as the first android app someone should get.  It works so well it makes me groan when I have to use my iOS devices because they are so far behind compared to Swiftkey.

you know, I went through the whole trouble of signing up just so I can advise other readers to skip your first(/worst?) suggestion, SwiftKey. Half the fun of the Note is you can just scribble stuff in instead of typing, and you can't even GET to the interface to write to enter text from SwiftKey's keyboard. Sorry, but its a horrible suggestion for many, many people. Just sayin'

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