10 of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 apps

SwiftKey 4.3

SwiftKey is the very first app you should install on any new Android device. It's the best touch screen keyboard we've ever used and its word predictions are so accurate, they actually scare us a little. The 4.3 Beta can be downloaded here for free, and it gives you the option to split the keyboard up across the screen - a feature that'll come in handy when the 5.7in Note 3 is held in in a landscape orientation. You can even shrink it and move it around for easier one-handed typing. Genius.

£Free Swiftkey

MyScript Calculator

If you're into your quadratic equations (and boy, who isn't these days) then this will be an indispensable app that’ll show off the S Pen's true power. It lets you jot down mathematical expressions on the screen before converting them into digital text and outputting the results in real time. Now if only we could math properly....

£Free Play Store

Real Racing 3

This racing game is one of the best-looking Android games we've seen and it'll look superb on the Note 3's excellent 5.7in 1080p display. With its quad-core Snapdragon 800 innards and 3GB of RAM, the Note 3 will eat through this demanding game like a hot chainsaw through a barrel of butter.

£Free Play Store

Map Note

This handy little app lets you doodle directions over a live view of Google Maps' regular and satellite views. It's a great way to share directions with someone, and you can draw naughty images over your house too, if you're into that sort of thing.

£Free Play Store


Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Arrested Development. If those aren't enough to tempt you into dropping £6 a month Netflix then we don't know what is. The recently update app is smoother than ever and combined with the Note 3's lusciously large screen will, will be a godsend on boring commutes, especially if your contract takes advantage of its 4G smarts.

£Free Play Store

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Flip books have never stopped being cool. Trouble is, we no longer have any French textbooks left to scribble in. Enter FlipaClip, an app which lets you create accurate doodles with the Note 3's excellent stylus before animating and editing them at your leisure. Welcome to the 21st century.

£Free Play Store

SIGnificant Signature Capture

Awful name but a useful app nonetheless. Install this on your Note 3 and you'll be able to add your real signature to important documents and you can even annotate over pdf files. It can also forensically verify your signature by measuring the normal acceleration, speed and rhythm you normally use when signing something.

£Free Play Store

How to Draw - Art Lessons

The Note 3 already has an excellent sketching app pre-installed, but what if you can barely draw basic shapes? How to Draw teaches you, well, how to draw, with a series of lessons that are sure to improve your caveman-like creations.

£Free Play Store


Stunning graphics, the latest rosters and all your favourite on-pitch magicians are all rolled into the latest mobile instalment of the huge footy franchise. Make up for a lifetime of wide shots and poor tackles with improved touch controls, right in your hands on the Note 3’s glorious screen. You can even play along with real-world fixtures if things aren't going your way in real life.

£Free Play Store


Possibly the world's best known 'social reader' app, Flipboard creates a personalised magazine for you, bringing in stories and images from mainstream news sources (National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Financial Times) as well as any social networks you use. One of its greatest assets is how gorgeous the results look – almost like an actual magazine.

£Free, Play Store


One of the problems with a huge screen is that reaching across it to access controls one-handed is nigh-on impossible. Quicker helps mitigate that issue by grouping frequently used settings and shortcuts together into a single, easy-to-use place. The icons are huge too. Controls available include brightness, ringer mode, volume, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and airplane mode, and there's an LED flashlight button too.

£0.89, Play Store



Hi agenius, thanks for your comment. Having reviewed the Note 3, I can confirm that SwiftKey worked absolutely fine. It was the first app that I installed and had no problems with it whatsoever.

I'm not saying that you didn't experience any problems with it I'm just saying that I had none. 

The handwriting recognition on the Note 3 is excellent and I found it quite fun responding to messages using it, but I still found SwiftKey to be faster myself. 

Just went through the trouble of resetting my password to provide a counterpoint to agenius comment.  I haven't used the Galaxy Note 3 just yet so I can't comment on the stylus interaction though I am very interested in the device, but I can confirm that Swiftkey is the most amazing predictive typing app that I have ever experienced and I would ALWAYS recommend it (and regularly do) as the first android app someone should get.  It works so well it makes me groan when I have to use my iOS devices because they are so far behind compared to Swiftkey.

you know, I went through the whole trouble of signing up just so I can advise other readers to skip your first(/worst?) suggestion, SwiftKey. Half the fun of the Note is you can just scribble stuff in instead of typing, and you can't even GET to the interface to write to enter text from SwiftKey's keyboard. Sorry, but its a horrible suggestion for many, many people. Just sayin'

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