The Samsung Galaxy Gear's £300 UK price tag will make your wallet weep

Samsung reveals prices for the Galaxy Gear and Note 3 – but you aren't going to like them one bit

Three hundred pounds. That's how much a shiny new Galaxy Gear smartwatch will set you back on release day according to a new pre-order site, and it's a larger number than we were hoping for.

Given that the Galaxy Gear costs US$300, we were holding out for a price tag hovering around a maximum of £250 (and even that seems a little steep), but alas, we were wrong.

It's a lot of cash to drop on any smartwatch, let alone one that will only work with two devices – the Note 3 and Note 10.1 – at launch.

Speaking of which, the Galaxy Note 3 has also been slapped with a price sticker to the tune of £650.

That's still pricey in a world where even top-end flagship smartphones like the LG G2 are less than £500, but that's the phablet tax for you we suppose. Given that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is also in the £600-plus category, the Note's price seems a little easier to swallow.

If you really fancy both the Gear and the Note 3 then you can pick them both up for just under £850, saving £100. We've yet to hear from Samsung if that'll nab you a complimentary cupcake as well, but we'll keep you posted when we get a response.

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£650 for the n3 is ridiculous, and that's put me off buying it I'm afraid. Having bought the S2, Note and n2, Sammy are taking the wee. 

As for the gear... yeah okay... NOT. 

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