Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 headphones for music lovers

From bass-thumping in-ears to noise-cancelling cans for killing off commuters (well, just their voices), there are headphones here for all music lovers

Ah, music. Combined with a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, it makes our bodies do silly, regrettable things on a night out.

It also makes our horrible commutes bearable (the music, that is),  and it makes us happy or sad, depending on the mood we're in.

And what better way to listen to your excellent track collection than by pumping tunes directly into your ear holes?

Here's our selection of some of the best headphones to pick up this Christmas:

Sony MDR-10RC (£120)

These lightweight portable headphones have 40mm driver units for clear, detailed sound along with oomphy bass for when things get a little, well, bassy. They come with interchangeable standard and inline-mic cables too, for taking calls on-the-go. 


Nothing about the E10's hints at their modest pricetag. They look, feel and sound far more expensive than they are, and if you're looking to upgrade your bog standard buds without breaking the bank, there's no better way to spend your money.

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We love the freedom from cables that bluetooth headphones provide, but not the inferior sound that comes along with it. No such problem with the M1BTs, though, which offer all pro and no con. Packing aptX technology they sound fast, detailed and full-fat.

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Sennheiser IE 800 (£560)

How much?! Yes, that much. Our money-no-object item offers open, detailed and true sound and can handle anything form Skrillex drops to Mozart. They're built well too (and we should think so too for that price). Not one to waste on your mobile phone though. For true audiophiles only.

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