Fully Charged: LG Optimus G2 launch date, Ubuntu’s overnight millions, NVIDIA Shield release date, Bluetooth bud headphones, and drinkable sweat

Breakfast tech treats toasted to your liking

From smart sweat extraction to Bluetooth in-ear headphones the size of buds, today’s breakfast news round up has all the tech food groups.

Ubuntu Edge funding

Following its launch last night, the Ubuntu Edge smartphone has already received over US$1 million in its first five hours on Indiegogo. It's now at over US$3 million. That US$32 million target suddenly doesn’t seem so ridiculously far off.

LG Optimus G2

LG’s flagship superphone the Optimus G2 will be unveiled in New York on August 7th, according to our invite. It also invites us to see how LG is learning from us – which is in no way a creepy way to invite someone over.

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Drink your own sweat

After going for a run yesterday – England’s hottest day this year – it's clear to the Stuff team that sweat is a big old waste of bodily fluids. Not anymore. Swedish engineers have come up with this contraption that turns your wrung-out sweat into pure water. The secret ingredient is effort. [Source: CNET]

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

The second iteration of these super compact Bluetooth headphones adds a super sleep mode that gives you six months of standby after auto shutting off when you go out of range from your device. And it can remember eight gadgets, lasts 4.5 hours on a charge and offers DSP enhanced sound all for US$80 (£50). And for an extra US$20 (£13) you can get a charger carry case that’ll dish out a further two and a half full charges. [Source: Engadget]

NVIDIA Shield release date revealed

The mobile gaming platform will ship on July 31st at US$300 (£200). Read our hands-on with the NVIDIA Shield here. [Source: NVIDIA]