Fully Charged: Google Maps loses the clouds, HTC One gets a red paintjob and Star Wars is recreated... in Minecraft

Juicy tech news to sink your teeth into this morning

Google has updated Maps and Earth by removing all traces of obscuring cloud as well as refreshing imagery to reflect changes in certain areas.

The end result is a single 800,000 megapixel image which would, apparently, require a sheet of paper the size of a city block to be printed on. [Source: Google]

Sony's PlayStation Vita <3s indie gaming

Sony has announced that PlayStation Vita owners can now enjoy a dedicated indie games category in the PlayStation Store – a section that PS3 gamers have enjoyed for some time now. Hotline Miami is headlining the new store's launch, but check out the trailer above which shows off some of the 53 titles.

It's galvanises Sony's status as the indie-friendly console megacorp following its showcase of intriguing indie titles such as Jonathan Blow's The Witness at the PS4 launch - and the notable exception of anything from the little guy at the Xbox One event. Stick the boot in, why don't you Sony? [Source: PlayStation Blog]

BlackBerry Q5 gets release date – and it's next week

Stuff's just got our mitts on BlackBerry's mid-ranger the Q5 so look out for a full test in the next few days. Exciting news too for BB fans: it's going on sale next week in the UK according to BlackBerry and you can pre-order it now for £320 SIM free or from £21 per month on contract from Carphone Warehouse. Excuse us, we've got hours of QWERTY bashing ahead of us. 

HTC One is seeing red

The HTC One will be available in fiery red from mid-July, exclusively available from Phones4u. Read our HTC One review to see why it deserves its number one spot at the top of Stuff's Top 10 Smartphone list.

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Google Now gets TV info card

If you've got a Wi-Fi enabled TV on  the same network as your Android phone then you might notice a new card pop up in Google Now which asks you if you're watching TV. Hit the button that says 'Listen for a TV show' and Google will cleverly pull up info on what you're currently watching.

From IMDB profiles of actors to scores and lineups for sports, the new card offers extra info on whatever you're currently watching. Clever stuff. [Source/Image: Droid Life]

World electric speed record smashed

Sorry Nissan: mere days after we wrote about your record-breaking 186mph ZEOD RC, Drayson Racing's B12/69EV (catchy name, chaps) hit 204.2mph at ex-RAF base Elvington in Yorkshire. Have another go, yeah? [via Engadget]

Man recreates Star Wars in Minecraft, just because he can

Devoted Star Wars fan Grahame Skeavington has taken it upon himself to recreate the entirety of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In Minecraft.

So far he's released a teaser for the first 15 minutes which looks incredibly impressive, though we don't want to know how much time and dedication it must have taken.

Sadly, due to copyright reasons, you'll have to sync up your own audio from a DVD or Blu-ray, but we're hoping that Disney will give him permission to use the audio for the full-length finished version. [via Kotaku]

iTunes Radio: the benevolent streaming radio service

According to the WSJ, iTunes Radio will pay 0.13 cents to an artist every time you listen to their song on the forthcoming service. Rival service Pandora, meanwhile, offers up 0.12 cents, which maths will tell you is a very tiny bit less, but will mean that record labels like iTunes Radio a tiny bit more – especially as it's basically a storefront for iTunes downloads. Poor Pandora. [via The Wall Street Journal]

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