Fully Charged: Duck gets 3D-printed foot as Apple goes on an iWatch trademark spree

Today's serving of fresh tech news features everything from adorable ducks to Xbox One and Google Glass feature revelations

Google is bringing a treat to Google Glass users with an update which unlocks, among other things, a proper web browser and non-touch voice navigation.

Webpages can be navigated using the touch panel while voice commands no longer have to be initiated via the OK Glass launch card. It's one more step towards a full retail release and lucky Glass owners can look forward to the update rolling out over the next few days. [Source: Google+]

Duck's 3D-printed foot is a success

A duck called Buttercup has melted the heart of animal and tech lovers alike by successfully being fitted with a 3D-printed left foot to replace the defective one he was born with.

The replacement foot (which took over 13 hour to print) was scanned from Buttercup's sister Minnie, and the little fellow seems to be managing remarkably well given that he hasn't had much time to adjust. Check out that video of Buttercup's first steps with the new foot (at 2mins 40secs) and start your day off with a smile. [via The Verge]

Apple trademarks iWatch in more countries

Taiwan, Mexico and Turkey have joined Russia and Japan on the list of countries that Apple has filed a trademark for the iWatch in. Could the heavily rumoured smart timekeeper be out this year? Or is Apple simply covering its bases with a few cautious name placeholders? Time will tell. [Source: 9to5mac]

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Xbox One to scan codes with Kinect

At last, Microsoft has come up with a simple way to put an end to the nightmare of entering long torturous download codes with an Xbox controller. Company CEO Marc Whitten has revealed that Xbox One owners can look forward to scanning QR codes with the Kinect wonder-cam, meaning less time faffing around and more time gaming. [via Engadget]

Web Browser world map

Statcounter has released a colour-coded world map which shows of the most popular browser in each country. Green for Chrome, orange for Firefox, blue for Internet Explorer and (if you can see it) red for Opera and grey for Safari. Any surprises for you? [via Gizmodo]

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