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15 May 2009 / 6:00BST

Fujifilm F200EXR review

It may not look anything out of the ordinary, but this Fujifilm is packing EXR technology that promises to make...
08 April 2008 / 6:00BST

Fujifilm Z100fd review

We’ve seen many a super-slim camera – but not many that offer the wealth of features promised by Fujifilm’s stylish...
09 January 2008 / 6:00GMT

Fujifilm FinePix Z10fd review

Designer chic and a low price rarely go hand in hand, but the 7.2MP Z10fd does style on a budget
13 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Fujifilm Finepix S5700 review

A feature-packed big-zoom cam with a budget price tag? And a Fuji that doesn't rely on xD cards? Hmm, sounds...
02 July 2007 / 6:00BST

Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd review

Fuji’s latest 6MP camera is looking to prove there’s more to life than megapixels with a feature list that includes...
03 October 2006 / 6:00BST

Fujifilm F810 review

The F810 is a conventional still camera with a cool widescreen mode and lots of manual controls
18 September 2006 / 6:00BST

Fujifilm FinePix E500 review

The FinePix E500 is a light 170g 4MP shooter with a 2in LCD, wide angle 3.2x optical zoom and a...
10 March 2006 / 6:00GMT

Fujifilm Finepix Z1 review

Still one of the best-looking compacts around, and that toughened glass will keep the LCD from getting weathered in your...