Fujifilm's limited edition X100S Black is going to make shutterbugs swoon

Watch out, this snapper will empty your piggy bank if you are drawn to its seductive black chassis

Nobody does retro like Fujifilm. Have you seen the Fujifilm X100S? How’d you like a dash of pure, sexy black to make you want this camera even more?

Meet the limited edition Fujifilm X100S Black, announced at CES 2014. Everything looks better in mysterious black, which marks itself on the X100S’ wide conversion lens, lens hood, adapter ring and a leather case you just can’t stop stealing a whiff of.

None more black

Nothing’s changed - that same firm grip from its grooved body and manual controls that make you feel like a true blue photographer remain intact. Well, except now you get a black contrast that adds to the premium feel and look.

Fujifilm X100S Black rear

This beauty has the exact same specs as the X100S announced last year January, which include a Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed single focal length lens and 16.3-megapixel APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor. Oh, let’s not forget that hybrid viewfinder, which lets you frame shots either through the optical viewfinder, or by staring intently at its LED screen.

Availability and pricing of the X100S will be announced at a later date. Start saving up, as the words ‘limited edition’ should spell a higher price than its duller X100S counterpart.

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