Ultimate Setup: the best PS4 accessories

Grant your console an extra life with these must-have accesories

The PlayStation 4 is a stellar piece of kit, but the basic 'console and controller' setup is unlikely to service all of your wants as a gamer. First-rate firmware simply isn't enough. We demand luxury. We demand comfort. We demand a couch-bound experience beyond compare.

Fortunately there exist myriad creations designed to add that much-needed extra spice to your PS4. Whether you're a gamer in search of superb sound or a solution to those inevitably sweaty palms during an all-night session with Fallout 4, we've got you covered.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset £68

The HyperX Cloud II headset is the answer to all your audio needs. The memory foam headband and ear cushions will mould to the curve of your noggin, ensuring that even the longest session playing Black Ops III is comfortable to the last. It even contains an on-board sound card that adjusts voice volume in proportion with in-game sounds. Tres posh.

Buy HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset here

Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel £270

An analogue gamepad might suffice when swerving past the cops in GTA V, but serious driving games warrant a more substantial controller.

The T300 RS is a force feedback steering wheel of sterling quality. The wheel itself supports full 1080 degree rotation and is covered in super-grip leather for that authentic automobile experience. 

Buy the Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel here

Evil Controllers custom DualShock 4 (from $110)

You could just get a a second 'normal' controller. Sony even makes them in white, red, blue, "Urban Camouflage" and PS1-style grey, but what the serious gamer wants is a completely custom fragging tool.

That's where Evil Controllers comes in. There are lots of colourful pre-made options available, such as the "Sticker Bomb" you see above, but the real joy is in using the Controller Creator to specify every inch of your new DualShock 4. And if you fancy gaining a bit of a gaming advantage at the same time, take a look at the Pro options.

Customise and buy an Evil Controller

Samsung M9T 2TB Internal Hard Drive £70

Even a modestly sized collection of big budget games is enough to fill the standard 500GB hard drive of a PS4 to the brim. What most people don't know is that this data squeeze can be easily remedied by exchanging the console's internal hard-drive for a meatier model.

This Samsung HDD crams a whopping 2TB into your little black box. Taking into account the 93GB occupied by the Playstation's operating system, this upgrade would allow for the installation of approximately 38 games at size of 50GB each. If that's not enough then we'd tentatively suggest that you have a minor hoarding problem. (We don't have a solution for that, sorry)

Buy Samsung M9T 2TB Internal Hard Drive here


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