Movie Edit Touch

Six of the best video editing apps

This shows Windows 8 has the potential to hammer Android and even iOS in the app stakes. It’s a generously featured video editor that works much like iMovie, allowing you to make frame-by-frame edits, join clips up with neat transitions, add titles and soundtracks and export the results as HD movies. Fast, well behaved and powerful. 

Stuff says: ✭✭✭✭

Platform: Windows 8 Price: £1.69

Download Movie Edit Touch here

VideoFX Live

Six of the best video editing apps

This video effects program is just amazing. Try it for free but do get the in-app purchases, which turn this from a novelty into a superb tool. It’s rammed with awesome real-time effects that are perfect for DIY music videos or in-yer-face extreme sports. You can even sync devices, shoot the same scene from different angles and fade between the footage.

Stuff says: ✭✭✭✭

Platform: iOS Price: from £free

Download VideoFX Live here

VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker

Six of the best video editing apps

There are some unusually precise editing features available in VideoShow, such as the ability to specify a particular section of a song for a backing track. We also like the freedom you get with the size, style and positioning of titles, and the sprinkling of colour effects. Its one major weakness is that it doesn't have any transitions.

Stuff says: ✭✭✭✭✩

Platform: Android Price: £free

Download VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker here

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