Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 13 outdoor gifts for campers, wanderers and explorers

We've rounded up a selection of gifts for those with a constant faraway look – be they adventurers or outdoorsmen

Best Christmas gift ideas for campers and outdoor explorers

Globetrotting adventurers - or those who just sometimes take a flight – can immensely increase their comfort levels by just having the right kit.

Read on for our selection of the best Christmas gift ideas for fans of the outdoors: the coolest, the cleverest and the giftiest.

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Biolite KettleCharge (£160)

Best Christmas gift ideas for campers and outdoor explorers

The only thing weary campers will find more exciting than brewing a cuppa is doing it with gadget-charging kettle. Compatible with most backpacking stoves (including Biolite’s own CampStove), the KettleCharge uses a thermoelectric generator to produce 10W of power via a USB extender as your water boils.

Give it a 15-minute charge, and that’ll be enough power for twenty hours of music or, if you’re in a zombie apocalypse, five hours of panicked phone calls to the last known safe house. Though compact and eminently packable, the 750ml capacity means there’ll be enough water for three cups of Earl Grey. Or, if the zombies are closing in, one big, final Pot Noodle before you heroically fend off the encroaching walkers.

Buy the Biolite KettleCharge here

Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency (£20)

Best Christmas gift ideas for campers and outdoor explorers

Admit it: you’re very unlikely to get into the type of situation where you would need to use a light to try and get the attention of a would-be rescuer. And if you are, then by the time you’ve said: “Quick! Pass the Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency torch thing”, you’ll probably be dead. Nevertheless, it’s a neat (27g), and very affordable, addition to your panic-bag, with white and red LEDs than can shine or strobe to bring help when the festival campsite gets just too hectic.     

Buy the Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency here

Leatherman OHT (£92)

Best Christmas gift ideas for campers and outdoor explorers

When you’ve got a grizzly by the scruff, and you’re scrabbling for your multitool in order to remove a seed from the beast’s teeth, thereby to become fast friends and secure a lucrative TV deal, you’ll be glad you have this military grade multitool – all of its blades can be accessed with one hand.   

Buy the Leatherman OHT here

The North Face Nuptse Slippers (£36)

Best Christmas gift ideas for campers and outdoor explorers

A little indulgent perhaps, but these are just the thing for wandering around base camp trying to find who packed whisky. Warm down-filled uppers and a scrub-friendly sole make these vastly more appealing than putting your wet boots back on.

Buy The North Face Nuptse Slippers here

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