Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadgets and presents for cyclists

Perfect presents for pedal-powered players

Two-wheeled whizzkids generally love nothing more in life than their road-rolling runaround. And, while they shouldn't have favourites, trying to understand or, god forbid, find a replacement for their much-loved pedaller is like a pot-holed path to purgatory.

Instead, accessorise. Let them keep their wheels as you supply them with every possible light, lock, jacket and, of course, coffee table cycling companion.

Best of all, fitting up your fitness-insistent friend with brilliant bolt-ons means they'll spend most of the day in the garage - so no more protracted discussions about the benefits of carbon cross-beams and the mighty shaved leg.

Primal Fixed Haggerston D-Lock Holster (£30)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

Born of a collaboration between singlespeed biking blog Primal Fixed and accessory maker Born and Bred England, this ingenious belting leather device is the latest in two-wheeled wearables.

Attach it to your belt and it'll safely carry your D-lock on the hip - perfect for a fixie fling to Shoreditch.

Buy the Haggerston D-Lock Holster here

PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator (US$30)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

We hate punctures: summer days spent coasting through the countryside, blighted by those fiendish bushy bristles. It’s the pits.

But now, when you’re in the pits, you can show those thorns who’s boss with the ultimate in re-inflation kit. Indestructible alloy wrapped in leather, PDW’s ultra-shiny Co2 fast-filler not only looks the bicycle business but will see your rubber right back on the road in next to no time.

Buy the PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator here

Patagonia zip-neck hoody (£55)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

This highly-breathable base layer zips and rolls back for when it’s warm, but its hood and hand-covers can also add a touch of cosy when it’s needed, making this a year-round must-have for any cyclist who likes being roughly the right temperature. 

Buy the Patagonia zip-neck hoody here


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