Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for travellers

Father of to find himself in the Faroe Islands? Uncle Jeff going jet-setting to Gibraltar? These are the gifts they'll love

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for travellers

Ah, travel - truly the tonic of the soul. Reclining on some faraway beach, Mojito in hand; trekking up a rugged mountain slope to catch the sunrise; haring it down an America highway in a drop-top: whatever tickles your far-flung fancy, there's no better answer to winter blues.

That is, until your battery runs out, your shampoo gets all over your toothbrush and you buy so many clothes that you run out of space to bring them home.

We feel your pain. That's why we've compiled this list of the top tech for footloose festive flyers.

Knomad Air Shoreditch (£50)

15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers

It’s all well and good getting a stocking stuffed with, well, stuff, but how are you supposed to carry all of your gadgets in style when you shoot off on the New Year getaway?

Enter Knomad, with its canvas kit folio. Water resistant and hard-wearing, it’s an anal-organiser’s OCD dream, replete with pockets, straps and clever compartments to hold everything from your Jawbone UP to your shiny new iPad, all in Shoreditch style.

Better still, there’s even space for Knomo’s slimline battery pack. Juicy.

Buy the Knomad Air Shoreditch here

Wondercube (US$190)

15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers

It’s the cube! No, not that one. Still, ask yourself what you could fit in the space of a single cubic inch. A phone stand? A battery booster? A memory card reader? How about a torch?

You need to up your micro-making game: the Wondercube packs all of those and more into the same space as a your dinkiest keyring, meaning no more mobile nightmares of any shape or form.

Embrace your inner-Inspector Gadget and become the cable crusader you were born to be.

Buy the Wondercube here

Brunton Revolt 9000 (US$100)

15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers

What’s the worst thing about going off grid on a wild trek? The mud? The rain? Being outdoors? Of course not. It’s going off grid!

So don’t. Take a Brunton instead: shockproof, weatherproof and with enough capacity in its lithium battery for 6 full smartphone charges, the Revolt will keep you Insta-ready no matter how far you are from the nearest plug.

Best of all, it has an exo-shell. Because the cooler a battery booster sounds, the better it is.

Buy the Brunton Revolt 9000 here

Collapsible kettle (£30)

15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers

Give your traveller the gift of knowing that a cuppa is always on hand (tea bag availability permitting), with this suitcase-friendly kettle. 

It's big enough to serve a round of four drinks and the silicone body folds down into a neat, 5.5cm-high bundle. The stainless steel base also works on most heat sources including induction hobs.

Now, where's that collapsible flatscreen telly?

Buy the Collapsible Kettle here

Re-Timer (£170)

15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers

If your bleary-eyed, globetrotting relative is always complaining about jet-lag, get them these sleep-phase-tweaking specs. Using Re-Timer's sleep calculator, the user gets a customised sleep plan that tells them when to wear the glasses, which produce a 100% UV-free glow that helps reset your body clock.

Sounds bonkers, but traveller testimonials suggest it's well worth a try. 

Buy the Re-Timer here


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