Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 17 gadget gift ideas for gamers

Want to bag yourself a high-score on your gaming buddy's gift list? Look no further

There's no better way to escape the bedlam of a festive turkey disaster than to dive straight into the latest game. Want to simulate a goat? You can. Fight post-apocalyptic zombies? You can.

But, sometimes, thumb-mashing escapology just isn't enough - gamers need to accessorise, too, you know.

From Nintendo Notebooks to cracking controllers, we've compiled the ultimate combo of gaming gear to help your square-eyed friend level up.


Sony PlayStation DualShock 4: 20th Anniversary Edition (£48)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

Anyone who owned an original PlayStation will know and love that off-tone grey finish. Slightly grimy and perfectly indistinct, Sony's first pixel pusher defined 90s gaming - despite its muted exterior.

Now you can relive the plain-plastic glory days of flat-texture gaming with this PS4 throwback: packing all the usual smarts of the DualShock 4 button-basher, it comes in everyone’s favourite ‘Original Grey’ and proudly wears the four-colour Playstation badge to boot.

Buy the DualShock 4 20th Anniversary Edition here

NES30 (£30)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

Nintendo has always been good at controllers. Even the GameCube’s purple Space Invader became a cult favourite, but the original NES controller is a bonafide classic.

Based on the two-button eighties original, the NES30 gamepad has updated Bluetooth innards to make it compatible with pretty much anything running iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows.

You can even use them with a Wii (remember them?). Now all that’s needed is for Nintendo to release Super Mario for mobiles. Any chance, Ninty? Go on, it’s Christmas. 

Buy the NES30 here

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (£40)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

Give the gift of the game that changed the action-adventure genre with this remastered collection of Nathan Drake’s first three outings.

Follow the next-best treasure hunter after Indiana Jones as he shoots, swings and strides his way through South America, Tibet, London and beyond, all in search of lost loot to rival your Christmas haul. Adventuretastic.

Buy Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection here

Super Mario Bros. Notebook (£10)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

Doff your cap and stroke your moustache: this here is an 8-bit power-up of a scribble pad set.

Inspired by artwork from the 1985 Super Mario Bros release, it comes with three, yes three, notebooks, all with everyone’s mushroom-loving Italian plumber adorned across them. Plunger not included.

Buy the Super Mario Bros. Notebook here

PlayStation TV (£38)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

With a telly schedule rammed full of Queens' speeches, Bond films and yet another showing of The Snowman, the main TV is often out of action when it comes to yuletide gaming.

Sony’s PlayStation TV plugs into a second telly and streams games from a PS4 on the same network, with support for a standard DualShock 4 controller - so you’ll have to find something else to argue about. 

Buy the PlayStation TV here

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (£20)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

It took a while for the Xbox One’s full TV guide functionality to come into play in the UK and if you’re still not connected to a compatible telly box this console-specific TV tuner could be the answer, supplying a snappable picture and OneGuide listings, plus Sky+ style live pausing (although you can’t record the Doctor Who Special to the Xbox’s hard drive).

Buy the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner here


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