Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for retro lovers

Good ol' gifts for fans of yesteryear's tech

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for retro lovers

Sure, unwrapping a gleaming piece of shiny new kit on Christmas day is pretty awesome. But will that GlassPhone with SmartShaver™ really stand the test of time?

Avoid that question altogether by selecting something from this list. If you know someone who dreams of days gone by, when photos were printed, records were flipped, phones dialled, and toasters were more stylish than most TVs, we've got the gifts for you.

Trim Phone (£40)

Christmas Gift Guide: 15 gifts for retro lovers

Give the gift of 40-year-old telephone tech with this modern upgrade of a design classic. Based on the first phone to use an electronic warbler, this re-imagining of the TRING ringer plugs straight into a standard phone socket to deliver refreshingly simplistic dog and bone brilliance.

Available in the slightly-off 70s colours we all know and love, this replica replaces the original dialler with push buttons, whilst retaining the out of place oldness that retro-revellers will revere.

Buy the Trim Phone here

Qwerkywriter (US$350)

Christmas Gift Guide: 15 gifts for retro lovers

Channel your inner F. Scott Fitzgerald as you click-clack flowing prose in frivolous style with the Qwerkywriter.

Sure, Apple might be flinging Force Touch tech onto its top-end kit, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of physical keys under your fluttering fingers.

Ideal for would-be smartphone novelists in need of some vintage satisfaction, this set o’ keys connects wirelessly to your iThings via Bluetooth, and features a built-in tablet stand, programmable return bar and retro key caps for the perfect mobile melding of modern and mechanical.

Buy the Qwerkywriter here

Ondu Pinhole Cameras (from US$70)

Christmas Gift Guide: 15 gifts for retro lovers

Modern mobile photography is all about size: more megapixels, wider lenses, bigger sensors. How very tiring.

Instead, take a break from big and go back to small with Ondu’s pinhole camera range. Using several film formats and built to last, this is a set of snappers that are pitched to span generations.

Beautifully-styled in wood-on-wood, these shooters not only look the part but deliver precisely the violet-tinged grainy grabs a retro photographer should love.

Buy Ondu Pinhole Cameras here

Swig Harris Tweed hip flask (£75)

Boozing on the go is one of life’s great pleasures, and we’re not talking about chugging a warm can of Stella on the 18.42 from Victoria. 

We’re talking sipping something fortifying from a classic hip flask, and British company Swig offers a beautiful example: a stainless steel flask tucked into a pouch made of Harris Tweed (you can get it tweed-less for £65). The package also comes with a steel funnel and free engraving – so you can add that personal touch when you buy.

Buy Swig Harris Tweed hip flask here

This Is Ground Mod (from US$250)

Christmas Gift Guide: 15 gifts for retro lovers

The Mod is This Is Ground’s 21st century answer to the Filofax, but it’s far better looking than the phone number-filled 1980s staple.

Made from premium hand-stitched leather in the company’s home town of Los Angeles, it comes in a choice of three colour finishes (including silver) and a variety of configurations: there are Mods designed for tablet users, for writers and for photographers, among others, with inserts and compartments to suit the particular particulars.

Buy The Mod here


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