Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 14 gadgets and presents for gamers

Here's a selection of gear to get yourself a high-score on the gift-giving list of any gamer

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

We love games, we do. From casting spells in dungeons to trash talking with squeaky-voiced American teenagers while they insult our mothers, games let us shed our clothes and jump into armour, wetsuits, green tunics...

Sorry, we're going a bit off track.

While we calm ourselves down, here's a list of Christmas gift ideas for gamers that should warm their virtual cockles this Yuletide.

NES30 (£30)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

Nintendo has always been good at controllers. Even the GameCube’s purple Space Invader became a cult favourite, but the original NES controller is a bonafide classic. Based on the two-button eighties original, the NES30 gamepad has updated Bluetooth innards to make it compatible with pretty much anything running iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows.

You can even use them with a Wii (remember them?). Now all that’s needed is for Nintendo to release Super Mario for mobiles. Any chance, Ninty? Go on, it’s Christmas. 

Buy the NES30 here

Razer Orbweaver (£100)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

If you've got a level 89 Warlock with more powerful spells than you can shake a staff of +10 destruction magic at then the Orbweaver’s 30 programmable keys and 8-way thumb pad will be an absolute godsend. Never again accidentally cast a spell of sock whitening in the midst of a dark elf battle. Because we've all been there.

Buy the Razer Orbweaver here

Pac-Man ghost lamp (£30)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for gamers

This adorable remote controlled Pac-Man ghost lamp can glow up to 16 different colours and can be set to flash, dim, fade or even strobe, for mini raves in your bedroom. All you need are some mysterious pills and cherries. to munch on.

Buy the Pac-Man ghost lamp here