Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 great games for Sony PlayStation 4 owners

Bring a smile to any PS4 owner's face with one of these next-gen PlayStation titles this Christmas
Best Christmas gifts ideas – the best PS4 games for Christmas 2014

Best Christmas gifts ideas – the best PS4 games for Christmas 2014

With the PlayStation 4 now firmly ensconced in our living rooms, many gamers will be looking forward to unwrapping a PS4 title on Christmas Day.

But which are the best games to buy for owners of Sony's new-gen console? Read on, and we'll tell you just what you should be wrapping up.

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FIFA 15 (£35)

EA Sports has cemented its dominance of digital footy with FIFA 15, adding a greater sense of weight and momentum to gameplay; and vastly improved goalkeepers. The tweaks make for much faster, more exciting gameplay; the king of football games is safe upon its throne for another year.

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Buy FIFA 15

The Last of Us Remastered (£40)

One of the absolute best games of the last generation is made better still on PS4, with enhanced graphics, a faster frame rate and tons of extra content.

The tale of one man's journey across a mutant-infested United States with his child companion, The Last Of Us delivers a harrowing quest punctuated by intense action sequences. But it's also far more than a mere action game, instilling its story with incredible emotion and leaving you with deep connections to the characters. It really is the complete package. 

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Buy The Last Of Us Remastered


Assassin's Creed: Unity (£43)

Ubisoft's stealth-em-up takes a trip to gay Paris, plunging you into the middle of the French Revolution. The first true new-gen game in the series, Unity features a breathtaking 1:1 map of revolutionary Paris, plus a new emphasis on co-op gameplay; you can team up with up to four chums to slink around assassinating ne'er-do-wells.

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Watch_Dogs (£24)

Ubisoft's big next-gen debut made some promises it couldn't keep, but that doesn't prevent Watch_Dogs from being the most interesting new open-world experience out on PlayStation 4 thus far.

Taking place in a semi-realistic version of Chicago, you play a hacker with the power to change traffic lights, cause pipes to burst, and perform other tricks to help you not only survive, but also get a jump on the thugs hunting you.

Sure, some of the missions aren't quite as open as we'd have liked and the main character is distinctly unlikeable, but it's big, bold and offers plenty of entertainment.

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Buy Watch_Dogs

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