Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 great games for Microsoft Xbox One owners

New console in the family this Christmas? These are the first 12 games you should buy for it

Roughly half of the nation's households will wake up to a new Xbox One on Christmas Day (with the other half unwrapping a Sony PlayStation 4).

Of course a new console's not much use without some games to play on it, and that's where we come in. Here are the 12 titles we'd buy for a lucky new Xbox owner this Christmas.   

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Titanfall (£25)

Best Xbox One console games - Titanfall

Best Xbox One console games - Titanfall

Every console needs an exclusive must-play game to set it apart from its rivals, and for the Xbox One that game is Titanfall.

Why? Because you get to stomp around as a giant robot, smashing all that moves into tiny, very dead pieces. Or because you get to bring down the aforementioned megabots while in puny human form. Or because it's about as good as modern multiplayer gets.

No, it's not exactly subtle, and no, it's not big on originality or story either - but hey! Giant robots!

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Buy Titanfall

Forza Horizon 2 (£45)

Forza Horizon 2 might just be the perfect driving game. It gives you a massive, fantastically detailed open-world setting in which to race, offers loads of different missions and objectives and captures the feeling of driving very fast better than any other game. What more could you want?

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Buy Forza Horizon 2


FIFA 15 (£44)

FIFA's critics will harp on yet again about how the 2015 version is just another minor update designed to fleece money out of already stretched pockets, but we suggest you ignore them and just enjoy what is comfortably the best football game on the planet.

The gameplay's undergone a substantial revision - it now plays faster and smoother than the sometimes a bit too realistic 2014 variant - while the animations and graphics have never looked better. Dozens of different modes, including the life-destroying Ultimate Team, ensure you'll keep playing until FIFA 16 arrives.

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Buy FIFA 15

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (£43)

The most exciting CoD game in years? You betcha! By jumping some 50 years into the future, Advanced Warfare opens up no end of new possibilities for a series which was beginning to feel a little stale. There's plenty of exciting new tech, with the Titanfall-style exoskeleton giving you a multitude of new abilities and with a load of futuristic weapons also adding to the feel of a franchise revitalised.  

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Buy Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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