Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 gadgets and presents for cyclists

Got a friend with an passion for all things pedal-powered? You’ll find the best Christmas gift ideas for them right here

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

The bicycle is the most popular vehicle on the planet, and chances are you have a gaggle of muscular-thighed chums who go mad for everything two-wheeled. Struggling to find the perfect present for them this year? Fear not: we’ve assembled 12 fantastic cycling-related gifts right here for your perusal.

Rapha Rain Jacket 100 (£200)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

The bike nerd in your life doesn’t need a whole lot of kit to enjoy a sunny day with the wind at his/her back. Rainy mornings on which every other pedal stroke brings a faceful of truck-spray, on the other hand – that’s when investing in kit pays off. Rapha is the reigning champion of making desirable bike stuff, and its newly updated, lightweight, waterproof Rain Jacket is the champion of, er, raining. And let’s face it, it’s going to be doing a lot of that over the next few months. 

Buy the Rapha Rain Jacket 100 here

Primal Fixed Haggerston D-Lock Holster (£30)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

Born of a collaboration between singlespeed biking blog Primal Fixed and accessory maker Born and Bred England, this ingenious belting leather device attaches to your belt and allows you to safely carry your D-lock down to the pub with you. 

Buy the Haggerston D-Lock Holster here

Patagonia zip-neck hoody (£55)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

This highly breathable base layer zips and rolls back for when it’s warm, but its hood and hand-covers can also add a touch of cosy when it’s needed, making this a year-round must-have for any cyclist who likes being the right temperature. 

Buy the Patagonia zip-neck hoody here

Fly 6 light/camera (£100)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

It looks like a plain rear light, but that thing that looks like a lens is, yes, a lens. The Fly6 constantly records HD video and audio on your rides, giving you either a fun perspective on your peloton or a useful record of the idiot who crunched your back wheel at the traffic lights. 

Buy the Fly 6 light here

Full Windsor The Nutter (£40)

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

Offering more leverage than other bike tools for less weight, The Nutter is also rather stylish. It comes in a smart pouch made from leather and recycled inner tubes, and it bundles up nicely on the back of your saddle with a spare tube and a pump. It even works as a bottle opener for picnics.

Buy the Full Windsor The Nutter here

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