Christmas Gift Guide: 14 gadget gifts for tech kids

Christmas is all about the children, so make this one to remember with our guide to the best techie kids' pressies

Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

Do you remember the joy of your first Christmas gadget? Well, things have moved on a bit from digital watches, ZX Spectrums and CD Walkmans but cutting-edge tech remains at the top of most kids' Christmas lists.

Here's our pick of the very best gadety gifts for your chips off the old block.

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Ubooly (£6.99)

Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

Ubooly is here to save lonesome children from inventing an imaginary friend. This cuddly gonk has room to accommodate an iPhone, iPad or Android device, which then becomes the face and mind of the fluffy critter. Via the free app it'll answer questions, read stories, chat to your child and suggest creative games to play.

Of course Ubooly doesn't really know your little one, so you can customise the app to suit your child's interests and abilities. Once it's all set up, you can head off down the pub while it does the parenting for you. OK, not really.

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LeapTV (£60)

Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

The problem with owning a games console and a child is that your kids always want to get involved. And as we know from experience, watching Daddy play Alien Isolation for three hours is a recipe for disturbed sleep. Not to mention disturbed children.

Those nice folk at Leap know all of this, which is why they’ve created the LeapTV - a kiddie-friendly games console that’ll be the answer to your prayers.

It’s controllable in three ways - Kinect-style motion sensing, Wii-style controller waving and more traditional button mashing - and launched with a catalogue of 100-odd games designed for 3-8 year olds. Plus, they’re all secretly educational. Which is more than can be said of Alien Isolation. 

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KidzPLAY Wireless Adventure Game Pad (£6.95)

Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

Made especially for little hands and greasy fingers, the KidzPLAY range of wireless PS3 controllers has the strength to take the kind of punishment younger gamers dish out. The Game Pad has a full set of PS3 controls and a sleep mode to conserve battery power. It's PS3-only, of course, but then you wouldn't be letting your little ones near the PS4 yet anyway.

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Bobski (from £49)

Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

Depending on your latitude and altitude, buying a sledge before Christmas can be a gamble, but let's assume it's going to snow like it does in the movies. In which case, the Bobski will go down a storm. In fact it'll go down even the slightest of icy inclines at a fearsome rate – and that's pretty handy if you don't live on the side of a mountain.

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