Christmas Gift Guide: 14 gadget gifts for music makers

Start Christmas on the right note with our guide to the best music-making gadget gifts

Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

What would Christmas be without a bit of a sing-song? Actually, don't answer that.

From technohead nerds to leather-loving rock gods, from bedroom DJs to Beach Boys tribute acts, we've got a Christmas gift idea here for every musical gadget lover.

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Korg Volca Beats (£90)

Drum machines are fantastic things: punch in a few steps on the built-in sequencer, hit Play and you've got the bones of a dancefloor filler right there. Inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 and 909, the Beats has a monstrous analogue kick drum and a smattering of digital sounds, all tweakable via a panel packed with knobs. Complete the set with the Volca Bass and Keys

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Moog Theremini (£260)

Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

As predicted by numerous ’50s sci-fi films, the wibbly woo-woo of the theremin is the actual sound that flying saucers will make when they arrive to take over the Earth in the year 1985. Pitch is manipulated by moving your hand back and forth next to an antenna, which makes it a difficult sound to emulate with keyboard-controlled virtual instruments.

Enter the Moog Theremini, a compact and modern-featured version with 32 voices – some quite authentically theremin-ish, some completely Moogy – and an ‘assisted pitch correction’ option for making the wobbliness less wobbly. You will not have more fun this Christmas unless your turkey comes back to life and starts doing impressions.

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Electric Loog ($200)

Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

It’s basic maths, madam. A three-string guitar is only half as difficult to play as a six-string guitar. This makes the Kickstarter-funded Electric Loog a great introduction to the instrument for small-pawed nippers.

But there’s much more to it than that – firstly, because it comes in a flat-pack kit for all the fun of assembling it yourself; and secondly, because it has all the lo-fi charm of a cigar-box guitar combined with the retro aesthetic of a miniature Danelectro.

Be warned, though: that lo-fi ‘charm’ also applies to the build quality.

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MeeBlip Anode ($140)

Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

Blip, glitch, squelch, FAAAART. The last time analogue synths were this popular, they hadn’t even been invented yet. And this cute little box may well be the most desirable product of the current retro-mini-budget-grimebox mania.

It’s a bass synth combining analogue filtering with 8-bit oscillators – by all means pair it with a sequencer for phat and philthy basslines, but we got more out of it as a crazy-trousered self-oscillating noise-scape generator.

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