Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for the design aficionado

From lustrous curves to shiny edges, we've rounded up all the best tech to get your design juices flowing this Christmas
Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

Ah, Chrimbo. A time when even the most sophisticated retailer abandons its core values for pan piped Cliff Richards and fake snow on the windows. It fair makes one shudder.

Reset your industrial appreciation with our pick of design classics… 

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Thomas Heatherwick: Making (£30)

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

For the true design snob here's a survey of every Heatherwick Studio project to date, all 140 of them. That bus! The hairy seed bank!

Each coffee table-friendly image is treated to some words from Tommy on his design and manufacturing processes. There's plenty of behind the scenes tidbits from this brilliant Brit and bonus points for getting in before he goes all mainstream with the Garden Bridge next year.  

Buy Thomas Heatherwick: Making

Yamaha Relit LSX-70 (£300)

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

This luxury lantern is the gift that gives back. Watch as your pal makes the mistake of assuming the Relit is either a good-looking, extremely adjustable lamp (there's ten different levels of brightness) or a good-looking Bluetooth speaker with aptX compatibility, a tweeter and a woofer. Because, joy to the world, it's both. How you will both howl with laughter.  

Buy the Yamaha Relit LSX-70


Withings Activité (£320)

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

Watches make classic Christmas pressies but this covert fitness tracker is much more than a pretty face. The Activité has a built-in accelerometer tracking steps, distance and sleep. Stick a plastic sports strap on and it'll record swimming sessions. That you can track in the stat-tastic iOS app.

Also, just look at the thing. Swiss-made, French calf leather, one-year battery life. We had you at pretty face.

Buy the Withings Activité 

Oree Pebble 2 (from €110)

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

‘Subtlety is the way of the true.’ This mantra is one that we’ve been living by since many minutes ago, and thus far it has proven to be an enlightened path. The Power Pebble is very subtle, but it also adheres to the second rule of gadgeteering: ‘Maketh a wireless phone charger; maketh sure it works.’ The Pebble 2 is a bit pricier but adds a Bluetooth speaker with a mic for hands-free calls.

Buy the Oree Pebble 2

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