The best SIM free smartphone deals - March 2017

Can't wait for the phones from MWC? Looking for an unlocked bargain right now? Check out the best SIM free smartphone deals

There has never been a better time to be a smartphone fan, or buy one SIM free.

From the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, to the Galaxy 7 Edge and bang-for-buck OnePlus 3T, we've got more powerful innards, super-sharp cameras and pixel-packed screens to dive into than ever before.

They can be rather hard on your wallet though - especially if you're the sort to update to a shiny new handset each and every year.

Luckily for you, we've rounded up the best SIM free deals for the hottest smartphones around based on our Top 10 Smartphones

So sit back, relax, and choose your new best friend, and then check out our SIM Only deals page: 

These SIM free phones can easily be paired with a SIM Only contract, and we've also taken the liberty of rounding up the best ones for you here.

OnePlus 3T

Not quite the affordable flagship killer any more, but if you're short on cash, this is still the smartphone to get.

Get the OnePlus 3T here for £400.00


Samsung Galaxy S7

How do you trump the best phone of 2015? You make it again, but better. A near £300 price gap means the OnePlus 3 is a better buy though.

Get the Galaxy S7 here from Amazon for £412 - saving over £150


Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The best iPhone camera ever, best iPhone screen ever and excellent battery life - there's no better iOS choice.

Get the iPhone 7 Plus from Amazon for £679.99


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Basically, the same phone as the standard Galaxy S7, but with the added pizzazz of a curved screen and superior battery life.

Get the Galaxy S7 Edge from Amazon for £481, saving over £410

HTC 10

HTC’s flagship comeback excels at the smartphone fundamentals.

Get the HTC 10 from Mobile Phones Direct for £443.99, saving over £120

Apple iPhone 7

Forget the headphone furore, the iPhone 7 is a slick update packed with worthwhile new features.

Get the iPhone 7 from Amazon for £579.99


LG's made a new kind of upgradeable smartphone, and we love it. 

Get the LG G5 from eBuyer for £349.97 with Cam+ accessory - saving £68.00

Lenovo Moto G4

The king of budget smartphones returns in stonking fashion.

Get the Moto G4 here for £132.06 - saving over £14.00

Vodafone Smart Prime 7

Cheap? Yes. Cheerful? Undoubtedly so!

Get the Smart Prime 7 here for £60.00


Apple iPhone SE

This compact iPhone packs a mighty punch.

Get the iPhone SE from Amazon for £349.00