18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

Right your battery sins. Slide to unlock these settings for iPhone battery salvation

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

There's nothing quite as panic-inducing as a red battery symbol. You're out frolicking, there's pictures to take, people to text, news to read. But no. Not for you. You've got to spend the rest of the evening doing all you can to squeeze out every last drop of battery life possible.

The iPhone 5S and 5C  offer up to 10 hours of usage with iOS 7, but if your device isn't coming anywhere near that figure, your settings could be the culprit.

We've rounded up 18 tweaks you can make to make the most of your iPhone battery. Every little bit goes a long way...

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Nullify notifications

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

It’s nice having your phone vibrate like you’re the most popular person in the world - achievement unlocked on a game, new messages on Facebook, a new Tinder match, but it’s best to keep notifications just for the essentials. Otherwise you're just whittling down your battery life every time an app tells you there's new colourful hats for your characters to wear.

Do this instead: Go to Settings, Notifications Centre, and then Customisations and disable all the notifications for non-essential apps. You’ll be surprised at how many you’ve unwittingly enabled.

Don't close every app

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

Closing apps can actually make your battery life worse, as iOS 7 has been designed to intelligently handle apps that are running in the background. On the flipside, every time you load an app from scratch, it drinks up more battery life than if you were to wake a sleeping app up.

Do this instead: Keep your apps running unless you know it’s something you won’t be using for a while. If you keep on returning to WhatsApp for example, it might be better to keep it dozing in the background.

Wi-Fi whenever possible

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

Some people think that turning Wi-Fi off will improve battery life, but turning it off can actually drain your iPhone's battery. That's because the amount of power required to communicate with Wi-Fi base stations is minimal compared to using mobile data.

Do this instead: Simple. Whenever possible, use Wi-Fi. Under Settings, make sure Wi-Fi is switched on, and connect to any network you have access to. Obviously turning both Wi-Fi and mobile data off will be even better for your battery.

Use Airplane Mode in emergencies

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

That little airplane icon is underused. Leaving your phone's radios on when there's no Wi-Fi reception and no signal is rather pointless, and all it does is drain your battery for no reason.

Do this instead: In dead zones with zero coverage or when you’re overseas, turn on Airplane Mode. You can get to it right from Control Centre by swiping up from wherever you are on your iPhone without having to weave your way around the workings of your iPhone. Otherwise, access it from Settings, then Airplane Mode.

You can still play games, read books and listen to music, and your battery life will increase by a considerable amount. Airplane mode is also ideal for events like festivals, where you're stuck without a power source for a few days.

Overbrightening your phone

18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

It’s really tempting to blitz the brightness all the way up on the iPhone's gorgeous LCD screen, but if you do it'll take a large chunk out of your battery.

Do this instead: Head to Settings, then Wallpapers & Brightness, and switch on Auto-Brightness. Your iPhone will figure out the best level of brightness that won’t put a strain on your eyes or your battery.

Keeping Parallax in play

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While iOS 7's parallax effect brings a nice visual touch to your iPhone, it keeps your phone's motion sensors in play, which doesn't do the battery any favours.  

Do this instead: Switch off the parallax effect. It’s not going to drastically alter your iOS 7 experience, unless you're forever getting lost in the hypnotising (or for some, nauseating) effect of the movement-sensitive wallpaper. Go to SettingsGeneralAccessibility, and lastly, Reduce Motion to turn it on.