DreamVision DreamBee review

4 stars
Can DreamVision live up to its name with this gargantuan, curvy projector based on the technology inside JVC’s DLA-HD1?

Not content with leaving the European projector market all to those happy-go-lucky Italian types over at SIM2, the plucky French firm of DreamVision proffers this, the outrageously curvy and quixotically named DreamBee

Turbocharged performance

The DreamBee is essentially a turbocharged version of the JVC DLA-HD1 (hence the identical claimed contrast ratio), and it delivers the ultra-bright colours, deep blacks and smooth performance you’d expect given that projector’s talents.

Hammering all those straight JVC edges into something as curvaceous as this can’t have been easy, and DreamVision’s efforts are to be applauded. But it does also mean the DreamBee is one big unit…

Brighten up your life

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DreamVision DreamBee

A very fine and self-evidently sexy projector, although the more prosaic JVC might serve you just as well for less
DreamVision DreamBee review
4 stars
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