The Johammer J1 electric motorcycle travels 124 miles on a single charge

It may look like a slug, but this two-wheeler will take you further than any other electric bike

Science has finally created a giant metal slug on wheels
Not quite. Well, not at all actually. While the Johammer J1's body and handlebars are vaguely reminiscent of a slow-moving cabbage chomper, it is in fact, an electric motorcycle. Clean cheap energy while getting from A to B in a jiffy? Sounds good to us.

Electric eh? Good luck with your rubbish range
Actually, things have come a long way from the first electric bikes which could only handle a trip to the corner shop and back. The Johammer is actually an endurance fiend with Duracell Bunny-like stamina.

It can take you up to 124 miles in a single charge, if you spring for the J1.200 model. It weighs 178kg, and packs in a 12.7 kWh battery pack. Just imagine driving from London to... a city that's 124 miles away, without ever having to stop. Amazing.

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178kg? It must be as slow as it looks
It's not nippy, we admit. It's powered by an 11 kilowatt hub-mounted motor which translates to 14 horsepower and a top speed of 74mph. But with it's mammoth range, we're not complaining.

Anything else I should be excited about?
Actually, yes. The wing mirror has a hi-res digital display which serves up speed and battery info at a glance.

Tell me how much I can't afford it, then.
The J1.150 will set you back €23,000 while the J1.200 will hit your wallet with €25,000's worth of damage in exchange for a bigger battery and longer range. Happy cruising.

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