Direction by vibration: no need to click your heels together to get home, these smartshoes will tell you exactly where to go

Bluetooth on your feet? Sure, why the hell not

Ahhhhh! Red trainers. That's a level 1 fashion offence.
We might actually agree with you on something for once. But they come in black too, so no harm done.

Snuggled within the Lechal shoes (named after the phrase "take me along" in Hindi), are removable insoles which are packed with tech.

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Tech? Don't tell me these are camera shoes...
Heavens no. Pavements would make for very boring photos.

The insole in each shoe contains a Bluetooth transmitter and a battery that's good enough for three days of use.

Once connected to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, you can fire up Google Maps, hunt for directions, and then slip your phone back in your pocket.

Each corresponding shoe will vibrate when you have to turn left or right, so you can stroll along at your leisure like a person who actually knows where they're going.

Granted, we expect you'll need to whip out your phone more than a few times to navigate complicated junctions (we're looking at you, London), but it's still a nicer alternative than having your phone out all the time.

Although you could just plug in some headphones and listen to voice guidance. But where's the fun in that?

Surely they'll be able to count -
- how many steps you've taken? Sure. And calories burned. And distance travelled, for good measure.

And before you ask - yes the insoles are removable, yes they're got an anti-bacterial coating, and yes the battery is rechargeable. Just slide each battery out of its insole, and slot it into the charger.

Click your fingers, and you'll get an auditory report of the charging status too. Swanky.

I might bite.
For £80, why not? There's no solid release date beyond "September" for the time being, but we'll let you know once these smartshoes are ready for walking.

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