Stuff Magazine Digital Edition FAQ's

Thanks for downloading the Stuff Magazine app.  What’s that, you haven’t yet, in that case what are you waiting for? Download now from the App Store

Where do I get the app?

Search “Stuff Magazine” in the App store

Do I have to pay?
To download the app is free.  However, you will have to pay for each issue of the digital magazine in the app or you can become a subscriber.

How do I become a subscriber?

If you want a digital only subscription through the magazine shop, it costs £19.99 and you will receive the next 12 issues.

Or you can do it through the app store for £23.99 for 12 months by opening the app, navigating to your library and click become a subscriber.

I’ve downloaded it, but where is it?

If you're in IOS5, this will be within Newsstand. If you're not using iOS5 you'll see it as a Stuff logo in a red square on your home screen. Open it up and you’ll be asked if you’re a subscriber or a new reader.

I’m a subscriber
Click ‘I’m a subscriber’
Enter your surname and then your subscriber ID. When entering your ID do not include 'STUF' in the ID or the preceding 0's. 
Then, click submit

Where can I find my subscriber number?

You will find your subscriber number at the top of your carrier sheet that accompanied your latest issue. If you have lost this please email or call 0844 8488806

I’m not a subscriber

Click ‘I’m a new reader’
Enter your first name, surname and email address. 
Then click ‘Yes’ after you have read and understood the Privacy Policy.  

I subscribed last month but it's saying I have to pay, why?

If the new issue says 'Buy' rather than 'view', log-out and then back in again to ensure you are logged in correctly.

How do I download an issue?
If you are not a subscriber you will be able to buy each issue by tapping the green ‘buy’ button.  You will see a button underneath each issue labelled ‘download’.  Tap this to get each issue.  You can then tap the mag front cover or ‘view’ to start. If you are a subscriber you will be entitled to view all the issues within your subscription term and will just need to tap ‘download’ and then ‘view’ on any issue.

How long should downloading it take?

We suggest downloading each issue using a WIFI broadband connection for ease and speed.  Downloading this way should take a few minutes only.

How do I navigate through the content?

The navigation should be intuitive, you can swipe up and down a page or left and right to turn to the next or previous page. There is also a navigation bar which allows you to jump to favourite sections.  Tap the top of the screen and the nav bar will appear.  Tap the section you want to jump to or tap back to go back to the page you were just on. Tap anywhere in the screen to view the full page.  

Is this available for my Android tablet?
Currently this is only available for the iPad.

My screen isn't bright enough?
Not all pages are available in portrait and landscape. A small rotate icon will tell you if you need to rotate the iPad to view. If this doesn't work, your screen lock maybe on. Double click home button and swipe sideways – music controls, brightness and screen orientation lock appear. The brightness slider is on the left.

My screen is locked in portrait/landscape?
Double click home button and swipe sideways – music controls, brightness and screen orientation lock appear. The screen lock is the far left icon.

I can only see part of screen? Zoomed-in?
Double-tap screen with 3 fingers. This can be turned off in General\Accessibility\Zoom.

The Screen is unresponsive?
It may be dirty. Use a damp (not wet) paper towel and a glasses cleaning cloth.

Slow iPad?
There probably are too many apps running in the background – they don’t close automatically. Double click home button and then long-press any one of the icons that appear at the bottom until they wiggle. Then click on apps not being used. The more memory intensive apps that you’re using, the more impact this may have on the app’s speed

This hasn’t helped me, what do I do now…
Please email us at explaining what the problem is and we’ll try our best to help.

Alternatively, please call 0844 8488806

We would really appreciate your