About Stuff

Oh, hello. We’ve been expecting you. If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably wondering what we’re all about. And looking for a better answer than, “Er, well, stuff. And that.” We’ll try…

What is Stuff?
Stuff is the world’s biggest-selling gadget magazine, and Stuff.tv is the online bit of that magazine (if that makes any sense). It’s where you can find tech news that’s wry but not dry, the world’s most trusted gadget tests and exclusive previews of the latest phones, computers, tablets, games, apps, TVs, hi-fi, headphones, cameras, consoles, and media players.

We make movies
We also like shooting. Shooting puppies! No, not really. We meant to say video. Our site’s chock full of gadgets in motion, including on-camera showdowns and reel reviews. (Occasionally, we come up with a shocking pun, too. Just warning you. And if you’re not scared of terrible jokes, you can also check out our podcast – don’t say we didn’t tell you.)

It’s not all gadgets
That’s not all – cars make us quiver and robots rock our world. We’re seduced by sport and tickled by toys. We worship watches, marvel at music and fawn over films, fashion and funky furniture. OK, we hardly ever do furniture. And thank goodness for that, eh?

Destination tech
Put simply, when our world eventually simmers down to a single button, the gadget-obsessed masses will demand its glowing red dome is etched with the Stuff logo. And it will bring them here to our tech bunker, a place where we all wear our gadget-loving hearts on our gadget-loving sleeves. In fact, register and you can do just that with our want/got/had buttons.

An inspired choice, sir
Ah, yes. One last thing – see up in the top-left corner, there? You’ll probably have to scroll up a bit. That’s the Inspir-o-tron. It’s an automatic gadget muse that runs on wizard blood (and our sweat and tears). Go and have a play. It’s fun. Promise…

So… much
It’s a big sandbox but we think you’ll like playing in it. Especially as we haven’t even mentioned our lovely hubs, gorgeous galleries or brill competitions which give you the chance to win loads of free gadgets. Off you go, unless you were wondering how to do any of this lot…

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