The Conqueror UEV-440: If Mad Max did caravan holidays

Less Butlins, more Bartertown: this extreme off-road caravan from Oz is perfect for a trip through the post-apocalyptic Cotswolds

Good luck getting that past security at Butlins Bognor Regis…
You’re right, but this isn’t supposed to ruffle the Redcoats, the Conqueror UEV-440 is designed to bounce around the Australian Outback while being towed by something equally rugged like a Toyota Hilux.

So what makes it so special?
It has got independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs, electro-galvanised body parts, special off-road shock absorbers and electronic drum brakes, meaning it can be dragged through small rivers, bounced off rocks and generally abused without worrying too much about damaging it.

Is that why it looks like it belongs on Fury Road?
Yes, that’s exactly why. It's designed for maximum performance on the rough stuff, which also explains why it’s so small and light. But it cleverly transforms when stationary to reveal two double beds, a kitchen area, a fridge/freezer, hot and cold water as well as a fully functioning toilet. No word on whether it can withstand a shunt from an Interceptor, though.

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The Conqueror UEV-440: If Mad Max did caravan holidays -  2The Conqueror UEV-440: If Mad Max did caravan holidays -  3

So how much does all this cost? 
The UEV-440 will set you back a cool £28,000 – and that’s before you’ve even thought about getting it shipped over from Australia.

That seems a little steep – and a bit pointless.
If you’re the type of person who tows a caravan at 50mph on the motorway to go and scoff some sandwiches by the seaside, it is completely pointless. But if you’re of the Bear Grylls ilk and you like to go “off the grid, man” but still enjoy the comfort of a toilet and a DVD player, this could be for you.

Did you just say DVD player? 
We did, and the chaps over at Conqueror are keen to prise a few extra dollars from your wallet by offering extras like air conditioning, a shower and flat screen TVs. You know, so you don’t fall behind on your Game of Thrones while you’re deep in the jungle.

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