Coin squeezes credit, debit and reward cards into a single flexible friend

Bid adieu to your overstuffed wallet with this Bluetooth-equipped smart card

Wallet stuffed with so many credit, debit, gift, membership and reward cards that it’s bursting at the seams? Then Coin might just deserve a place on your wishlist.

This ingenious credit card-sized gadget stores the details of all your credit cards and loyalty cards, and can be swiped in a machine just like any normal card. You can pay for things with any of your cards through the Coin, and can even use it at a cash machine.

Coin is coming in 2014

To pop your card details onto the Coin, you download a mobile app and plug Coin's card-swiping device into your smartphone. You then swipe each card through the device, feed its details to the app and you’re done. Any card with a magnetic strip should work, and the app is available for iOS and Android phones.

Coin logo

Losing your Coin card could obviously prove disastrous, but the designers have taken that into consideration. A security feature sets up a Bluetooth link between your phone and Coin, and if they get too far away from each other – say you leave the card in a restaurant – you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Each Coin comes with an integrated battery that lasts for two years, after which you’ll need to buy a new one. The device is due to launch in the summer of 2014, priced at US$100 (£60), but if you pre-order one now, you can get it for half the price.

The only downside? Coin doesn't currently support the EMV chips found in chip-and-pin credit cards, meaning it's not quite as useful to those of us outside the USA. Coin told us that EMV will be supported in a future version of the card, but certainly not in the first generation out next year. Their advice for non-US customers is to "hold off your purchase for now."

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