Clever camera tech makes new Mercedes S-Class glide like a magic carpet

It's all to do with chicken heads, you see. You don't? Well, read on

Mercedes has packed some very clever tech into its new S-Class which looks like it could put an end to bumpy journeys for good.

The new Merc's silky smooth ride is down to two tiny cameras located on the windshield, which scan the road in front of you up to 50ft ahead at 80mph.

Smooth sailing

After scanning and analysing the upcoming road surface, the system adjusts the car's suspension to ensure that you'll glide over bumps and dips in a smooth a manner as possible while reducing vibrations.

Obstacles as small as 3mm can be detected by the system, and the video above shows the difference it makes.

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Feathered steadicams

And here is a clip of some chickens set to music, to show off how Mercedes' technology works. Don't question it, just watch and enjoy.

[via Gizmodo]

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