Cinamatic: a new vintage video app from the makers of Hipstamatic

A patented processing engine creates custom effects for each of your clips

Remember Hipstamatic? Before Instagram took over the world, Hipstamatic was the go-to app for anyone who wanted to create heavily filtered, square-format snaps on their iPhones. And then Instagram arrived and the rest is history.

Hipstamatic is still hanging around in app stores, of course, and its makers haven’t gone anywhere. In fact they’ve just launched Cinamatic, a new video creation app that takes the spirit of Hipstamatic and, well, puts it onto short, shareable video clips.

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It works like this: you film a clip of between three and 15 seconds (in square-format, natch), apply a filter and share it through Facebook, Instagram or Vine (all three are supported in-app). The app costs £1.49 and comes with five filters, with extra filters available as in-app purchases.

You’re probably wondering what the big deal is. After all, if you want to take 15-second video clips with filters, Instagram has you covered and doesn’t cost a penny to use. Cinamatic’s creators would point you towards its unique selling point: a patented processing engine which creates custom effects for each clip. The engine analyses the clip you’ve captured for “interesting” elements that it then uses to build special effects. The idea is to offer videos that look distinct from the filtered clips made in Instagram.

If you want to give it a try, you can download it now at the iTunes App Store for £1.49. It’s currently available only for iOS, with the makers recommending an iPhone 5 or above (it’s also 64-bit optimised, for users of the iPhone 5s).

[Hipstamatic via TechCrunch]

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