Bargain alert: retailers are pretty much giving the Google Chromecast away

At just £18, you now have no excuse not to buy Google’s brilliant streaming stick

The Google Chromecast is absolutely brilliant. If you want an in-depth look at why, read our review (and keep in mind that, thanks to firmware updates, it's actually got much better since then) – but suffice to say it was a fantastic buy at its “normal” £30 price. And now it’s available at a trio of UK retailers for just £18.

Basically, the Chromecast is a USB stick-sized streamer that’ll put video from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, BlinkBox, BT Sport, Google Play and lots more on your TV screen. And it’ll also mirror web pages from your computer’s Chrome browser or the screen from your Android device.

Now, you can buy it online at Currys, Amazon and Tesco for a paltry £18. Tesco will even chuck in £5 worth of BlinkBox credit for free. Alternatively, if you can’t wait you can pop into your local Currys brick-and-mortar store and pick up a Chromecast for £20 (there’s your bank holiday weekend sorted). You can’t expect it to drop much beyond that, especially with Google Play still pricing it at £30.

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