Christmas Gift Guide: Last-minute present ideas and subscriptions

There's still time to get your nearest and dearest something they'll genuinely like

So, despite the fact that we started giving you great gift ideas from the beginning of November, you've left it until now to sort your shopping out. But we can't stay mad at you. Here are some neat last-minute ideas that might just save your bacon…

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Ebooks by Sainsburys (from £0.99)

If you've run out of time to give the gift of a real paper book, you could try Sainsbury's ebook gifting service. Log on, find the book you want, click 'Buy as a Gift', fill out the recipient's email address and a message, and specify when you want it to arrive. It'll be sent shrouded in an email with pretty 'this is clearly a gift' graphics all over it.

Note - Sainsburys books are encoded with Adobe's DRM, which means they won't work with Kindles. Most tablets, Kobos and Sony readers will do just fine, though.

Sainsburys eBooks

Eteaket Tea Club (£70/year)

Your tea connoisseur will receive monthly samples with tasting notes plus recipes for tea cocktails and ‘tea treats’. Smug feeling of superiority over coffee drinkers included. 


Too pure Singles Club (£35/year)

This independent ’90s label once discovered PJ Harvey. These days its delightfully anachronistic singles club still sends a signed, limited-edition 7in vinyl single to its members every month.

Too Pure

Netflix (from £5.99)

There are many reasons that we rather like Netflix, our cloud app of the year, and it's set to get even better in 2014. Allow your cherished to access the finest selection of TV shows (including some killer exclusives, such as House of Cards) in the best quality from numerous devices - smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, some Blu-ray players, PS3s and Xbox Ones, Apple TVs, Google Chromecasts and much more.


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Not Another Bill (£18/month)

Snail mail is too often a wodge of woe and letters to ex-residents. Make sure it contains good surprises too, such as a monthly trinket from these magpie-eyed gift lovers. 

Not Another Bill


Spotify (from £9.99)

Sign your loved ones up for a Spotify Premium account and they'll be able to stream 28 million tracks to their computers, smartphones and tablets (not to mention other devices) without pauses or adverts. Packages range from a month to a full year.


The Willoughby Book Club (£90/year)

Choose your bookworm’s subscription type (from ‘toddler’ to ‘contemporary’), and they’ll get a hand-picked, gift-wrapped tome every month.  


Super Superficial (£20 per t-shirt)

Give their torso a monthly upgrade with a T-shirt subscription. Super will pick its best design of the month and post it to your chameleon-like friend for a discounted price.

Super Superficial

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